CIC Triple Advantage Scam

*UPDATE* Hey guys, one of my visitors informed me of a great deal thats going on With Identity Guard. Apparently, 1 in every 5 people get scammed online (CIC Triple Advantage), and if youve been hit before, chances are... you are being scammed right now. Identity Guard is that company where the owner goes on tv and gives his social security number in public commercials. I've already used it and I was shocked to find things even far back as 6 years. If you are getting a lot of spam, cold calls, or uneccessary charges on your credit card bills... then you should seriously take advantage of their free promo. You'll be surprised at what you find. Click on the link below to take advantage of their Free 14 day trial.

Don't hesitate to try it out because they have a Satisfation Guarantee and you can cancel anytime during the 14 day trial.

How CIC Triple Advantage Gets You (Free credit report)

Here's my personal horror story of signing up with CIC Triple Advantage. While looking for a new apartment 8 months ago, I made the mistake of registering with free credit report (CIC Triple Advantage). I needed to supply a credit history report as part of my rental application and in turn, I opted to get my free credit report and score(by law, we are entitled to one free credit report a year.) I saw a link on google for Free Credit Report Services and like you all, I signed up. Well I received the free credit report and everything was good, until I began noticing an unfamiliar charge on my credit card bill. I normally pay for my credit card bill online and unless I have a ridiculous charge, I simply just pay it. This time around, I saw an odd $14.95 charge from some company called CIC Triple Advantage.

If you want to have a quick refund from Experian Free Credit Report, you have to have a pretty informative case against these guys. First of all, Experian Free Credit Report, www Free Credit Report Com, and Credit Report Com are all the same company. CIC Triple Advantage, and Free Credit Report Com are all just sister companies or different names of the parent company, Consumer Info. When you call the customer support line, they will try to intimidate you with how they have their disclaimers listed in several different areas of their website. Oftentimes, the Experian free credit report operators may slip up and quote you information from another site. Make sure you open up their website and examine their page. It will save you a few steps in achieving your goal of cancelling your triple advantage subscription.

Follow These Steps Given on our site

Step 1: Stay cool before calling CIC Triple Advantage

Realize that you will be dealing with an overseas call center employee who has no authority whatsoever in refunding you back your money. Second, these call center employees are trained to follow a dialogue where they answer you automatic answers depending on what you ask. How do I know? I called 5 times and got the exact same response, word for word.

To help prepare you for dealing with the call center, I came up with a few questions and answers to a few of their responses.

First of all, have your customer # ready (can be accessed from your email) and your social security number. They might ask for your credit card, I refused to give it to them.

CIC: Did you not find our credit report helpful?

Me: Regardless of whether it was helpful or not, it was supposed to be free. – Misleading Ad

CIC: Why did you wait so long to cancel? Throughout the past months, our staff has been carefully monitoring your credit securely.

Me: I was never informed throughout the past month of your service and how am I supposed to know what CIC Triple Advantage is when I signed up under – Confusing Company Name

CIC: It clearly states in multiple places on our website that you will be billed $14.95 each month if you do not cancel your membership.

Me: I searched your website and after squinting through a baby blue text on a blue background, I finally saw where it was listed. The text is clearly manipulated in a way where it is not noticed and deserves to be considered as false malpractice. – Manipulating Ad

CIC: We are an accredited national company and we have thousands of people who carefully read our guidelines and sign up every day.

Me: That’s why you have more than four thousand online complaints in the BBB. – Thousands of Supporters

CIC: Unfortunately sir, our guidelines state we do not give refunds.


Me: I’ve done my research and according to your BBB profile, over 60% of the people that have filed complaints to the BBB were issued full refunds. – Prior Settlements

CIC: I’m not allowed to authorize you a full refund. I would need to submit your case to a review board and you will get a response in 14 days. However, I can issue you 2 months of credit. Would you be willing to accept this as a settlement?

Me: Unless I am issued a full refund, I have no choice but to issue a complaint.

Misleading Ads, Confusing Company Names, Manipulating Ads, Supporters and Prior Case Settlements are all valid reasons to file a BBB complaint and why you should be issued a refund.

Step 2: Contact the CIC Triple Advantage 1(877) 481-6826, Ask for a FULL Refund

The mistake I made the first time I called was that I didn’t show I was serious enough. When I called to cancel my service, they basically took my request and threw it in the trash.

By asking for a FULL refund, you show them you mean business.

Here's what usually happens when you call them

Me: Hi, may I know who I am speaking to?

CIC: This is Mary Smith (usually they make up an alias)

Me: Hi Mary, I am customer #### and I would like to cancel my CIC Triple Advantage membership and get a Full Refund.

CIC: Okay sir, we have canceled your membership, but unfortunately we cannot give you a refund.

Me: Can you give me a confirmation of the cancellation?

CIC: Your cancellation number is 12345678. How else may I help you?

Me: Ok thanks. (I'll just eat the past charges... I guess...)

DON'T STOP HERE! They are happy to cancel your account because they alredy made their money. YOU SHOULD GET A REFUND. You deserve it!

Me: Yes, I want to get a full refund for the charges that my account has acquired for the past 5 months, can you please transfer me to your supervisor.

CIC: Our policy clearly sta… (cut her off)

Me: I know that you're not authorized to give out a full refunds, please transfer me to your supervisor right now.

CIC: The supervisor is currently busy, would you like to leave a message?

Me: Either you transfer me to your supervisor or I will file an online complaint to the BBB stating that I (customer #) called at 3:52pm on 2/12/08 and dealt with a really rude receptionist named Mary Smith that was uncompromising and would not transfer me to her supervisor. (This line always works)

It’s not worth wasting time listing out all the points to the first representative. She's merely an entry level receptionist with no authority other than canceling your service and refunding one month of service back to your account. 

Step 3: Handling the CIC Triple Advantage Supervisor

When you deal with the Supervisor, you have to show that you truly believe that you were ripped off. At the same time, this person has the power to overturn your unnecessary charges, so you do not want to go off on him.

The supervisor will most likely ask the same questions listed in Step 1: Be Prepared, so have those questions handily available. The whole purpose of going through all the arguments is so that if you do eventually file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, you will have it on record (they record your conversations in case they need it to prove that they did everything they could).

Tips for talking with the supervisor

Any complaint to the BBB reflects the call center in charge of handling the call. Consumer Info, the parent
company, currently maintains a B grade on the BBB. These call centers are instructed to avoid a complaint
at all costs necessary.

Step 4: File a complaint for CIC Triple Advantage to the Better Business Bureau

If Free Credit Report will not give you back the full amount, you will have no choice but to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In order to get a legit complaint through, you need to state every single argument you had on why the CIC Triple Advantage is a scam (this is why telling the supervisor is necessary, because chances are the complaint was recorded).

To file a complaint, go here

Here is proof that many full refunds have been issued

Go ahead and file your CIC Triple Advantage complaint here today.